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Never Land



A teenager lies in a coma after a near fatal car accident. Her broken body is hooked up to machines to keep her alive. She wakes in a cold, dark place - in the shadowy realm between life and death, a surreal land free from the usual constraints of time and space...


"Never Land" is the outcome of an Eden Court project dedicated to developing the production of theatre in the Highlands. The production specifically sought out actors from the Highlands who had graduated in the past five years and gave them the opportunity to work alongside established artists.


"Never Land" opened at The Beacon Arts Centre on 20th October 2014 before touring Scotland. The original cast included: Benny Young, Fiona MacNeil, Rebecca Wilkie, Ewan Petrie and Chris Beaton.


Reviews / comments:

"Thought provoking, it drives home the message that life, no matter how miserable at times, is a precious thing and the decision to end itmay not be in our own hands." (Susan Welsh, Press and Journal

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