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A father and his two sons are lost at sea.


Keep busy, eh? Hope we’ll get a body, mebbe. The widden spoon. A knock on the door wi a wooden spoon.


Three women adapt to their lives as widows. Kitty can’t stop knitting. Alison needs looking after. Sylvia wants to forget.


Then, one day, a knock on the door. A body has been found. One body, three women. Who does it belong to?


Set in the north of Scotland, “Netting” is a story of finding closure after unimaginable loss.


Developed as part of the New Playwright's Award, "Netting" was first presented in Spring 2015 as part of  a Play, Pie and a Pint at Oran Mor, Glasgow and The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen. The play was directed by Allie Butler and the cast featured Carol Ann Crawford, Joyce Falconer and Sarah McCardie, For more information about the PPP production, click here.


Morna and Allie, with Woodend Barn, Banchory, presented a Scotland wide tour of Netting in Spring 2016. Please see the Facebook page or follow @NettingthePlay on Twitter for more information.


Reviews / comments:

"Morna Young's writing is powerfully rooted in their immediate loss, but the conflicting emotions she portrays - and those she leaves unspoken - are thebone marrow of our humanity." (Mary Brennan, The Herald, 4*)


"This is a poignant, heart-felt and emotionally honest play about family conflicts and those of us who are left behind." (Paul F Cockburn, Broadway Baby, 4*)


"Morna Young's dialogue has a heart squeezing realism that never becomes too sentimental... a fine, bittersweet yet no-nonsense study of what pushes families together." (Lorna Irvine, Across the Arts)


"Morna Young's Netting was a powerful drama plunging the audience into the spectrum of emotions." (Colin Armstrong, Evening Express)


"Beautifully written..." (a Play, a Pie and a Pint producer Susannah Armitage on BBC Scotland's The Culture Show)

Production stills: (by Leslie Black)


Image by Alice Wilson.

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