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Trauma: an emotional wound that creates lasting damage to the psychological development of a person.


A car crash. A couple torn apart. A struggle to salvage what’s left from the wreckage. The past, the present and the space between.


“B Roads” is the story of an ordinary man and woman cast into an absurd reality; the unspoken words, hidden thoughts and alternative versions of the truth. It is a psychological exploration of the aftermath trauma.


"B Roads” formed a first time writing collaboration between Morna and fellow Elginer, David Rankine. They also co-performed and co-directed the play.


B Roads was presented as part of Play Pieces 2013 season in October 2013 and also played at The Warehouse Theatre, Lossiemouth.


Morna and David hope to re-tour B-Roads in the future.

B-Roads image

Production stills

Reviews / comments:

"...a powerful one act play...  If this play had a mum and dad, the proud parents would be the Wonderful World of Dissocia and Quiz Show." (John Mitchell, Director)


"...a powerful subject, imaginatively handled..." (Margaret Chrystall, whatsonnorth)

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